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LK Cakery

Live the Sweet Life

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We are a group of passionate bakers who love to craft new and exciting recipes in our kitchen. Each and every day, LK Cakery produces the freshest baked goods in Boulder. We’ve listed a few of our favorites here, but there’s always something more in the Bakery. Give us a call for our specials and more specialty treats.

simple cakes.jpeg

Simple Cakes

This simple cake is so simple! Want chocolate? Boom! Chocolate cake. Cherry on top included.
$5 million


These are cups of cake. Imagine grabbing a handful of cake, except there's a wrapper around your handful for crumbs to fall into. Genius, amirite?
$1 bitcoin each

Custom Cakes

Need a cake that's lit? Literally on fire? LK's got you covered. Want a cake made of metal? That's pretty weird but ok, we'll do it. $50-5000

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